Welcome A new generation S&M firm Where we liaison for the end consumer and our blue chip clients creating an everlasting impact through our unconventional BTL activities.


To be a leading platform which trains and develops aspiring candidates entering the corporate world, helping them build their capacity, whilst creating the best mediums and channels to create the best OGA solutions for our clients and consumers alike.


Rimi Shukla, a Kolkata born girl raised 100km away from the city with a family background consisting of Civil servants like IAS, IPS, and Business. Post her Biotech, was always interested in becoming financially independent and starting her company in Health care division due to a keen interest in serving mankind. She chose latter with the help of venture capitalists, she set up her own Face-to-Face advertising and branding agency in Kolkata with partners in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Lucknow and Bhubaneswar servicing the top reputed blue chip companies.

S of sales, M of marketing and T of Team were like Greek n Latin to her and it was the last thing in her mind to do!

It’s always the clarity of running her ‘own business’ that made her fall in love with the process & accomplishing a complete roller coaster ride in an absolutely new industry.

Started to strengthen her skill sets like training, recruitment, leading a team, managing resources, managing clients building partners and customers, public speaking and thus, understanding people from different plethora through customer psychology & there on, helping someone carry similar aspirations to prosper in life ahead become an Entrepreneur.




“Train your people so well that they can leave, treat them so well that they cant leave”, to simplify, we make sure everybody in the company has great opportunities, has a meaningful impact & is contributing to the good of the society, which involves treating people with respect & transparency.

Are you ready for adventure?